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Calvert Memorial Park

The Calvert Cemetery and Memorial Park comprises one acre of lawn with ornamental shrubs and trees and a fenced gravesite, the final resting place of George and Rosalie Calvert, Charles Benedict Calvert, and several of their young children. The Park and Cemetery can be accessed by taking a short walk up the stairs that lead from the Riverdale Park Town Center. 

In 2018, the Paint Branch Garden Club (PBGC) adopted the Park as a philanthropic community project. Since then, members of the Riversdale Historical Society and the Garden Club have been beautifying, restoring and maintaining the Park by clearing invasive plants (including lots of bamboo!), edging and mulching flower beds, trimming trees and bushes, and planting bulbs and perennials. To further their work, RHS was awarded a grant in 2019 from Maryland Milestones (formerly the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area). 

To read more about who is interred at the cemetery, click here.

The Calvert Memorial Park was also the site of the Riverdale Presbyterian Church from 1897 until 1950. The footprint of the church is indicated by a brick outline in the Park, provided by local Boy Scouts in 2021 to commemorate its history. To read more about the church, click here.  

If you are interested in volunteering to help care for the park with the Paint Branch Garden Club, email Beth Alvarez at:

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