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...New Work at Calvert Memorial Park

If you make your way to Calvert Memorial Park, you'll find a beautiful public park next to the Riverdale Park Town Center. Climbing those few steps leading up to the Park will be well worth it, because you'll find a restful and beautiful place to relax, as well as the historic Calvert family cemetery. The cemetery is the final resting place of George and Rosalie Calvert of Riversdale, their son Charles Benedict Calvert (the founder of the University of Maryland), and other Calvert family members.

Recently, a local Boy Scout, Paul, asked the Riversdale Historical Society if he could create a brick paver outline of the Riverdale Presbyterian Church that stood on the site from 1897 to 1954 for his Eagle Scout Project. He recruited several fellow Scouts, and now there is a great outline in the Park to illustrate the former location of the Church, and wooden benches where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of the Park. We got to hear from Paul about the project:

Why did you choose this project?

I chose the project at the Calvert Memorial Park because of the connection that I have with the Paint Branch Garden Club. Mrs. Beth Alvarez introduced the project to me when I went to volunteer with my mom as part of my Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. Who helped with the project?

The people who helped with the project were my fellow scouts and their parents, a few friends from School, and a few members of the Paint Branch Garden Club. What was a favorite memory from the day?

My favorite memory of the day was unloading the truck which delivered all of the materials, resulting in shutting down East West highway for a period of time!

Come see the historic cemetery, the church outline, and enjoy these beautiful fall days in the Park!

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Huge thanks to Eagle Scout Paul and his fellow Scouts! Looking forward to seeing their work.

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